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Ken Weaver – News Anchor

My radio career began as a sophomore in high school in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

I started out playing country music, on vinyl, and anchored evening news casts for the local radio station. But my desire to be a disc jockey went away after listening and watching wall-to-wall coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area on October 17, 1989. I knew I wanted to be a news anchor for the rest of my life.

From that little AM/FM radio station in Pauls Valley I landed a gig in Tulsa for the Voice of Oklahoma, KVOO AM/FM (now KFAQ/KVOO) which was owned by Great Empire Broadcasting. I started anchoring overnights and reporting live from the scene of murders, fires, robberies, crashes and severe storm/tornado damage and eventually the Oklahoma City Bombing. I absolutely love being at the scene of breaking news and telling listeners the stories that are playing out right before my eyes. I eventually worked up to afternoon drive anchor and coordinated live coverage of breaking news. I married by wife in Tulsa and from there we went to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I anchored afternoon and evenings for Citadel Communications at 770 KKOB for two years. The big stories there included the Cerro Grande Fire which prompted the evacuation of the entire town of Los Alamos, which is home to one of our nation’s weapons labs. Also 9/11 happened during my time in Albuquerque and I remember how eerie it was for there to be no air traffic for three days but the jets and helicopters coming and going from the air force base there. My wife and I had our first child in Albuquerque before we left so I could take the news director position at KARN and the Arkansas Radio Network in Little Rock, Arkansas, also part of Citadel. I anchored mornings and dished out assignments to a great staff for nearly 3 years in Little Rock before transferring to 670 KBOI in Boise, Idaho.

I spent 10 years at KBOI, my wife and I had our son, and Boise will always have a special place in my heart. Idaho is a beautiful state and the city of Boise is a wonderful place to raise kids. But I belong in the South and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to come to Nashville.

I anchor the news on Nashville’s Morning News and I welcome all news tips and suggestions at [email protected].

My hobbies are listening to and collecting music, all kinds; football (Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys); fishing, hiking and camping and spending time with my wife and kids.


 Mac Morey – News Anchor

Get to know Mac:

What was your first job in the radio industry 

I worked in college radio as a sports director but after that I got an internship that turned into a fulltime job in Cody Wyoming! I ran a morning rock station, 104.1 The Eagle, as well as did an evening sports show when I wasn’t calling play by play for the local sports teams. I got to wear a lot of hats at that station and learned a lot about the industry.   

What’s the most inspiring part of your job? 

Bringing truth and objectivity to the listeners as a News Anchor and Producer. It’s important to support the hosts as we strive to entertain and inform middle Tennessee.

The best advice you’ve ever been given? 

To show up. Keep showing up and being true to who you are. Those two things alone will help you to stand out.  

What keeps you busy outside of the studio? 

Disc golf, hanging out with my girlfriend of over 2 years Hannah, Watching football, Playing with my dog, love board games, cards, video games, and having a beer with friends.  

If you were superhero, your superpower would be? 

Telekenesis would be the coolest. If not that flying.  

What are you passionate about professionally? 

Being the best and most professional broadcaster possible. I want to be the sports guy that everyone knows in town and either loves or loves to hate.  

What are you passionate about personally? 

My girlfriend (will be fiance soon), family, and friends. My podcast! 

What’s your biggest accomplishment? 

Getting a news anchor gig and producer gig in a big market just over a year after I graduated.  

What are you surprisingly good at? 

Beer pong and handstands.  

What one thing is on your bucket list? 

Skydiving, Traveling in general. I have yet to leave the states. Going to a superbowl and an NBA Finals.  

What do you want to be most remembered for? 

Being a kindhearted man who worked hard and created something people wanted to listen to each and every day. 

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