Voting Results: Transit Plan Falls

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The votes are in and Nashville has spoken – spoken against the transit plan, that is.

Nashville voters rejected a proposal to raise four taxes to fund a new transit system throughout Nashville.

Early voting numbers showed that about 65 percent of those who voted early voted against the transit plan. In total, over half the people who voted, voted against the transit referendum.

Mayor David Briley backed the transit plan heavily, and after the defeat he released a statement saying:

“We all can agree that we have to do something about traffic and transportation, but voters didn’t get behind this plan. My responsibility as Mayor is to get back to the drawing board and find the common ground to develop consensus on a new way forward. Our transportation problems are not going away; in fact, we know they’re only going to get more challenging as we continue to grow. I’ll get back to work tomorrow on finding a solution for Nashville that we all can agree on.”

Although most eyes were on Davidson Co. & the Mass Transit Vote, there were elections throughout the state. Here are the results: