Woman saves dog that fell through a frozen pool

MURFREESBORO, TN (WSMV) – Sid, the adorable brown Pitbull, didn’t get the memo that the household swimming pool was closed for the season during last week’s snowstorm.

Check out this video that his owner, Jennie Tatum shared with News4 from their home’s surveillance camera in Rutherford County.

“I think he went into shock when he hit the water,” Owner Jennie Tatum said, “because he was basically floating when we found him.”

Sid was chasing his brother around the pool, enjoying the snow, when he went paws-first straight into the pool. Luckily, his ‘pawrent’ Jennie saw Sid go in and wasn’t far behind.

Jennie says that Sid was under the water for almost a minute. When she was finally able to hoist him out of the freezing water, she called her neighbor, a veterinarian, who administered an emergency shot. “She said, ‘If we wouldn’t have given him that, I don’t think he would’ve made it,'” Tatum explained. “His lips were blue, and his tongue was blue.”

When asked about jumping into a pool in the middle of a snow storm to save Sid – “He’s extra special, but I would’ve done it for anybody, any animal,” Tatum said. “They’re like our family.”

News 4 will have more on this story at 10 p.m.