Wife of man killed by concrete slab on I-24 still seeking answers three years later

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Three years have gone by and a Midstate woman is still seeking answers about her husband’s bizarre and horrific death. MNPD said a 23-pound concrete slab came crashing down on Joe Shelton Jr.โ€™s windshield killing him. It happened on I-24 in the area of the Shelby Avenue Bridge in Nashville.

“I want justice for my husband. I want to know what happened to him,โ€ Kim Shelton, Joe Sheltonโ€™s wife said. Three years does not seem that long ago for Kim Shelton. The love of her life, Joe, died on November 20th, 2018.

It feels like yesterday for Shelton.

“Time does not heal you. Every year around this time, I start reliving my life. I relive what we said to each other that day, what was going on,โ€ Shelton said.

Shelton said that day began like any other. Her husband left for work at 4:30 in the morning and he was planning to get home early. “We were planning on going to do a little Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, but our worlds got turned upside down that day,โ€ Shelton said.

MNPD said a large chunk of concrete went through his windshield on I-24 East. Early on, they said it was likely thrown from the Shelby Avenue Bridge. Itโ€™s something they’re still looking into along with trying to talk with a man captured on surveillance video at a convenience store. Police said he was walking from the general direction of the bridge around the time of the incident.

“I feel like somebody saw something. I feel like somebody seen something, heard something. I’m hoping at some point in time somebody will come forward,โ€ Shelton said.

On those tough days, Shelton’s children are her biggest support system.

“My kids are always there. Always making sure that momma’s not alone on those special days,โ€ Shelton said.

The family continues to honor Joe. One grandchild is named after him and soon another one will be too.

“I think that says a lot for the man that my husband was and the love my children had for him,โ€ Shelton said.

Shelton’s wife said the reward is still good for $10,000 in the case. She just renewed it this past week.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at <a href=”http://call%20to%20615-742-7463″ target=”_blank”>615-742-7463</a>.