Weather Service confirms EF1 tornado struck Topkinsville, KY

TOMPKINSVILLE, KY (WSMV) – The National Weather Service said an EF1 tornado with peak winds of 90 miles per hour touched down Monday morning.

The tornado occurred shortly after 8 a.m.

Most of the damage occurred a block off Main Street.

One home on Fifth Street had significant damage. There was also damage reported at the Bartley & Sons Funeral Home on Columbia Avenue.

When the storm came through, there was little warning and no storm sirens went off.

The Tompkinsville Police Department said the warning system is down due to storm damage and is working to repair the system.

There were trees and powerlines down and debris in the streets, but no reports of injuries caused by the tornado.

“We have three elderly ladies here and they fortunately were not at home,” said Charlotte Birge. “They went to get strawberries and when they pulled up, the house was gone. It was grace of God that kept them from being there. They stay in the front living room, and as you can tell, bricks falling in and the structure of the house is not good.”

“Emergency people got here first and knew they were OK, just did not know where they were at the time,’ said Steven Birge.

The three women are staying in a local hotel thanks to help from their church family.

Officials estimate it will take a couple of weeks to cleanup the damage in the town.

The Monroe County School District reported none of its five schools were in the path of the storm. All five schools had electricity and received no damage.

According to the National Weather Service, a tornado warning was issued for the county at 8:01 a.m. CDT and damage was reported at 8:09 a.m.