Ukrainian Parliament’s Rudik to Newsmax: ‘Kick Russia Out of UN’

Ukraine Parliament member Kira Rudik, who attended the United Nations General Assembly this week, told Newsmax Saturday that Russia’s actions should force them out of that organization.

“[Ukraine’s] call for kicking Russia out of the United Nations, if it’s not happening this time, at least right now, I think every single world leader got the idea that Russia should not be. a member of the U.N. because it violated the charter for the last 30 years at least 14 times,” Rudik said during “Saturday Agenda.” “Russia is illegally in the U.N. because nobody voted for it to be there, and right now it’s just blocking all the good initiatives that are not only good for Ukraine but will protect the whole world.”

 Rudik said she received support from other nations’ delegations during the annual meeting.

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