Trump Calls on Americans to ‘Help Ease Tensions,’ Urges ‘No Violence’

Trump Calls on Americans to ‘Help Ease Tensions,’ Urges ‘No Violence’

President Donald Trump is calling on Americans to “help ease tensions” and “calm tempers” ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind,” the president said in a statement to Fox News. “That is not what I stand for and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank You.”

The statement comes as the House gears up to vote on articles of impeachment against the president for “incitement of insurrection” for his role in last week’s deadly U.S. Capitol attack. The FBI has also released a bulletin warning that there could be armed protests at capitols in all 50 states in the days leading up to Inauguration Day.

“President Trump is asking all Americans to join with him in ensuring that there is an orderly and peaceful transition next week,” a senior Trump adviser told Fox News. “President Trump is also asking that Big Tech companies join with him in this effort.”

The adviser added: “This is a critical time in our nation’s history and surely we can all come together to deliver this important message and not continue to play partisan politics.”

Trump last week was banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the wake of the Capitol siege over concerns that his posts were inciting violence. Still, his team plans to spread the message through official social media accounts — which have not been taken down.

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