Thanksgiving preorders helping local small businesses

Thanksgiving preorders helping local small businesses

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – There’s an easy way to help restaurants this Thanksgiving and save yourself some stress in the process.

You could just order your holiday meal!

Franklin’s Cool Café already has over 200 orders that’ve been placed for a prepped thanksgiving meal.

Owner Tim Ness says since he reopened in June after the shutdown, things haven’t been the same and his business has been down 30 percent.

For his restaurant, doing these prepped meals help.

Ness said this year the one thing he is noticing is the size of the orders are smaller, which he attributes to COVID-19 and families not gathering like they used to.

Cool Café has been offering prepped thanksgiving meals for about 15 years.

You can order the big things like turkey and ham and also favorite sides like cornbread and cobbler.

Like Cool Café, many local restaurants are offering these meals and you can help them out. Some have full family meals and some just have sides and desserts.

At Cool Café, today is the last day to place an order for your Thanksgiving meal.

For a full list of restaurants participating in Thanksgiving meal ordering, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>click here.</a>