Sen. Cruz: Israel, Ukraine Aid, TikTok Ban All ‘Good’

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, during a round of Sunday news talk shows, endorsed, for the most part, legislation that would send $60.84 billion to Ukraine, $26.38 billion to Israel, $8.12 billion to Taiwan, as well as a United States ban of TikTok, that could allow the government to censor a much wider scope of information.

Speaking to Fox News on the upcoming Senate voting calendar for the bills, Cruz said “There’s a lot of support for the bill in the Senate.”

“I think it is quite likely to pass when it comes over on Tuesday. Look, there are elements of this bill that are good; there are elements of the bill that are not so good. The most important elements of the bill — the best parts of the bill are — number one, much-needed military aid for Israel.”

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