Rep. Warren Davidson to Newsmax: COVID Fraud Reports ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

An inspector general’s report released Thursday that estimated that $45.6 billion in unemployment benefits fraud was committed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and other reports of misspending allocated funds could “the tip of the iceberg” and point to lessons about what not to do in the event of a similar emergency, Rep. Warren Davidson, R-Ohio, told Newsmax on Saturday.

“Don’t close the economy,” Davidson told “The Count.” “Don’t deem some people nonessential and others essential, and also don’t put money out there with no strings attached.”

The good news is, though, many of the funds had clear guidelines, and Congress has an inspector general to keep track of the money, but still, the House Oversight Committee in Congress will focus on the administration’s role in keeping people accountable, as well as states, Davidson said.

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