Removing Biden Would Leave Dems with Kamala Dilemma

With Biden’s plunging polls and public trust exacerbated by U.S. House impeachment inquiries into his family foreign influence peddling and special counsel Robert Hur’s report documenting obvious senility, replacing Joe with a 2024 candidate other than his current vice president will nevertheless be an open admission of his administration’s disasters.

Recall, for example, when “Border Czar” Kamala Harris was put in charge of solving what has become a top voting issue, an open southern border crisis.

Since witnessed is the scene of a true invasion by more than 10 million unvetted people including sex traffickers, about 1,300 individuals on terrorist watch lists, and an estimated 1.8 million unknown background “gotaways,” many of whom have transported deadly narcotics such as fentanyl.

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