Rabbi Potasnik to Newsmax: Passover ‘Bittersweet’ This Year

Traditionally, the Jewish celebration of Passover honors the message of freedom from slavery and hatred, but that story is changing drastically with the Israel-Hamas war and the rising antisemitism in the United States, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, the executive vice president of the New York Board of Rabbis, said on Newsmax Sunday. 

“Passover is predicated on the message of freedom that we were slaves and now we’re free, and we’ve seen hatred in the past, and now supposedly, we don’t see it in the present,” Potasnik told Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.”

“We spoke of slaves and now we speak of hostages,” he explained. “We spoke of hatred in the past, and now we see rising antisemitism on the streets and campuses. The numbers are staggering. Usually, we say, have a sweet Passover…[now] it’s a bittersweet Passover.”

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