Mich. Catholic Church Asks Court to OK Morality Tests

A Michigan Catholic church has asked a federal appeals court to reverse a lower court’s decision to dismiss its lawsuit against the state over a policy that could prohibit the parish from using morality as a factor in the hiring process.

St. Joseph Catholic Church and school in St. John’s, Michigan, filed an appeal with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals last week after a Biden-appointed district court judge dismissed its case against the state in August. The parish is suing the state over a newly-revised state law that makes it illegal for St. Joseph to hire employees who agree to uphold its religious beliefs or maintain a school or church environment that reflects its faith.

“Thanks to a change in Michigan law, all of St. Joseph’s employment, educational, and publicly open activities are subject to liability whenever they uphold the Catholic understanding of human sexuality, gender, or marriage,” the church said in its appeal.

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