‘Light On!” program could help drivers in Nashville

NASHVILLE (WSMV) – One of the items on the agenda for Tuesday night’s Metro Council could help drivers avoid costly tickets and bring their cars up to speed.

“There are special little clips that you have to get the bulb out,” said Alex Crooke, Owner of Precision Autohaus.

As a mechanic, Crooke has seen many broken headlights. However, it’s also common for bulbs to go out before his clients make it into his shop, leaving some to face consequences like being pulled over.

“When we do oil change service, we check it every time and depending on the kind of car, bulbs do go out,” Crooke explained.

But a program called Lights On is helping drivers throughout the United States and could make a stop in Metro Nashville.

The program would provide vouchers to MNPD. If an officer stops a driver for a broken taillight or turn signal, instead of issuing a ticket they would be able to provide a voucher for repair.

“What this program does is it helps families from a lower socioeconomic status to be able to bring their cars into compliance without causing further damage and further legal fees if they were to get a ticket,” said Councilwoman Delishia Porterfield.

According to Councilwoman Delishia Porterfield, the initiative would be no cost to taxpayers and grant the city $10,000 in vouchers.

If passed, it could go into effect by 2022.