HOA battle over swing sets frustrates parents

WILSON COUNTY, TN (WSMV) – It’s a battle that lasted a couple of years in the Farmington Woods area. Some parents in the neighborhood of half-million dollar homes just simply want a swing set in their back yard.

But if it’s not under nine feet tall, or directly off the back porch, it’s not allowed.

Rachel McWaters says neighbors have asked the question if there will be any leniency when it comes to the nine foot rule or the specific space for the play zone, and says the answer they’ve received is that the developer does not intend to change the policy.

For another neighbor, Angela Brewer, she says her playground has been on the property through three different owners, and is hoping to get it grandfathered in.

“Which means it’s gone through HOA three times which has been in place since 2007,” Brewer told News 4. “It’s kind of like why now.”

Ghertner tells news 4, “The February 2021 amendment allows any playsets that had been approved to remain in place, and unapproved playsets be removed.”

But with a ton of support backing the swing sets, parents are hoping the developer lets the little ones keep playing.

“We feel like after having close to 100 homes sign a petition. … We’re hoping maybe he’ll listen to us.”

Ghertner & Company’s full statement to News 4 reads:

“When the Farmington Woods Homeowners Association was legally created, a set of restrictions was established. These included a restriction on play equipment, including swing sets. However, the developer observed that some owners were installing play sets in spite of these restrictions. In an effort to balance the interests of owners who wanted playsets with those who do not want to see them in neighboring yards, the developer amended the restrictions to establish standards for playsets. The February 2021 amendment allows any playsets that had been approved to remain in place, and requires that unapproved playsets be removed. At a recent meeting, many owners voiced objections and concerns about the new standards, and the developer has advised us that he is taking these under consideration.