Election Commission discussing Metro property tax challenge Tuesday

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Metro’s property tax hike could be up for debate again tonight, as the Metro Election Commission meets to discuss a petition from the group “4 Good Government” to vote on charter amendments in a June election.

This is another attempt by the group to roll back the city’s 34-percent property tax increase.

For the last two months, the group has been collecting signatures to petition for a vote to make six amendments to Metro’s charter.

Those amendments include limiting property tax rates, having the ability to recall elected officials, abolishing lifetime, or other benefits for elected officials, preserving voters’ charter amendments, protecting publicly owned parks, greenways and lands, and protecting promises to Nashville.

Now, the main question is whether or not the group collected enough signatures for a June 14 referendum election.

Originally “4 Good Government” and their lead attorney Jim Roberts said the group needed at least 33,000 signatures, as they needed 10 percent of the number of voters who voted in the last election in November.

However, Roberts says the Election Commission made an error basing it off the November election and says the group is now basing it off the August 2020 general election. That means the group would need to submit a petition with only 10,000 signatures.

Two weeks ago, “4 Good Government” submitted their petition with 14,000 signatures.

Along with the referendum petition, the group has also filed a lawsuit against the Election Commission to determine who is right about the number of signatures needed.

Last year, a similar effort by the group was ruled invalid by a judge when the Election Commission questioned the amendments.

The Election Commission meets Tuesday 6 p.m. with the petition discussion on the agenda.