Edgehill carjacking victim speaks out

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A new video shows a teenage carjacking suspect crashing a stolen Mercedes Bentz in the Edgehill neighborhood on Sunday afternoon.

Ask Aisha Cliburn “how she’s doing,” and she’ll show you her swollen eye.

“I mean, I guess that’s where the fracture is trying to heal. It’s all the pressure,” Cliburn said.

Cliburn, a Franklin mom, was wedding dress shopping with her future daughter-in-law and the bride’s sister in the 2000 block of Ed Temple Boulevard. Police said she was pistol-whipped and carjacked by a 15-year-old and his two accomplices.

“This purse is a cross body, and one of them was trying to grab my purse, and he was trying to take my keys and because it wasn’t going successfully,” Cliburn said. “I think he thought I was fighting them, and so they hit me.”

The woman had to teach the teens how to put the car in drive to allow them to get away. On Monday, Metro Police tracked down the vehicle and deployed spike strips.

Video obtained exclusively by News4 shows the crash that followed. In the video, you can see officers chasing the teen, and the brand new Mercedes totaled.

“I had it for six days. I, myself, put 30 miles on it,” Cliburn said.

Cliburn has a skull fracture and a concussion from being pistol-whipped. She’s was in pain but showed up to court on Tuesday determined to see the case through.

“I would love to see this prosecuted as an adult, not as a juvenile,” Cliburn said.

She spoke to News4 to warn others.

“I mean three o’clock on a Sunday. You’d think you’re safe at 3 o’clock in the afternoon in a nice part of Nashville,” Cliburn said.

Investigators believe the 15-year-old suspect was involved in other recent carjackings. They’re still looking for his two accomplices.