Dem Sen. Blumenthal: ‘Deeply Concerned’ About Biden Bid

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., joined the chorus of congressional Democrats who have gone on the record as saying they are concerned about President Joe Biden’s chances of winning on Nov. 5.

“I am deeply concerned about Joe Biden winning this November because it is an existential threat to the country if Donald Trump wins,” Blumenthal said Wednesday, according to The Hill. “So, I think that we have to reach a conclusion as soon as possible, and I think Joe Biden, as the Democratic nominee, has my support.”

The senator’s remarks come nearly two weeks after Biden’s shaky and halting debate performance in which he gave rambling answers in a raspy voice. The White House attempted to explain his widely-panned performance by saying the president had a cold and was exhausted from travel, but concerns were immediately raised about his ability to win his bid for reelection. Biden has been trying to reassure jittery Democrats ever since that he is capable of beating former President Donald Trump.

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