Call 4 Action team gets to the bottom of flooding problems in Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Across the Metro, News 4 heard several complaints from homeowners during the March floods about water never coming onto their properties. They said they strongly feel development coming too fast into our city, is a significant factor.

The city claimed it’s less about development and more about mother nature. But homeowners from Brentwood, to Green Hills, to South Nashville said they believe the development nearby has something to do with it.

When many of them try to get developers or the city to do something about it, they’re not heard. But Metro Water continues to say the rain that fell in March was unprecedented, and that plays a huge role.

“We’ve never had any issue. We’ve watched the water rise, but it always runs smoothly out and across to the other side of the street,” Monette Young of Brentwood said. “So, no…we never had an overflow.”

“It’s not the development that’s causing these issues,” Sonia Allman of Metro Water Services said. “We’re seeing so much more rain. So much more intense rain, and we’re seeing changes.”

News 4 asked District 28 Council Member Tanaka Vercher if the city is taking their claims seriously enough.

“Not at all! Not at all,” Vercher said. “We haven’t learned anything from the flood, the 2010 flood! If we had, this property wouldn’t look how it looks.”

Coming up tonight on the News 4 at 10, our Call 4 Action Problem Solver Caresse Jackman is working for you and speaks with a developer to get his take.